Sandhill Challenge 2001

The Car:
September 2001
Malcolm "Mad Dog" Brown
Juan "Stay Outta My Way" Marquez
Matt "Sideways" Alcorn
Tim Alfredson Joe Kwok Jeremy Pearl
Will Barley Tori Lee Nick Perry
James Biller Fabian Martinez Richie Pulliam
Andy Bradshaw Nick McCabe Adrian Saguid
Joh Dishotsky Miguel Medina Justin Shifrin
Sam Doniac Matt Nelson Eli Wismer
Raita Hata Diane Nguyen Josh Young
Ryan Johnson Eric Norgren
Dave Kleiman Charlie Parce
Special Thanks:
Matts Lark 
Charles and Karl Rodgers
The Story:
On Sunday September 23rd our auto 2 class entered a vehicle in the high school speed division of the Sandhill Challenge, a gravity powered competition held yearly in Menlo Park.  We competed against 18 high school engineering/robotics classes and one other autoshop.  We finished 2nd overall.

The car was designed and constructed by the auto 2 class in a short 3 weeks time.  We had no official sponsors.  We were very proud to have done so well with so little as we came very close to winning the event.

Congratulations to GRT for placing 1st place in the whimsy division with a very clever design featuring a hamster on a wheel.

Choosing a shape and cutting it out of aluminum

Sam cuts windows in the sides

Test fitting the driver

Diane makes adjustments

Event setup

Final adjustments at the track

Ready to go

Malcolm straps on his helmet

Driver under glass

Malcolm discusses aerodynamics

Preparing for our first heat

Parade Marshall asks Juan how fast he does the 50

Ryan takes center stage at the trophy presentation

The team celebrates