Sandhill Challenge 2000

The Project:
September 2000
Kevin Sproule
Max "Crazy Leggs" Fish
Andrew "Pooh Bear" White
Matt Alcorn Kevin Sproule
Katie Dodd Morgan Stefik
Max Fish Brian Swenson
Colin Kelley Kim Warfield
Alex Pereverzev Andrew White
Richie Pulliam Mike Zlotnik
Matts Lark Prototype Machining
Special Thanks:
Robert Fujioka 
Matts Lark 
The Story:
This year we brought home the third place trophy with a time of 46.60 at a speed of 35.10.  We also won Car of the Millennium for our design.

Our driver, Kevin Sproule getting ready 
Putting on the top
 First race
Where is the competition?...way behind us
 The Finals
The Team, Auto2 

  • Back: x, Andrew White, Richie Pulliam, Max Fish, Colin Kelley, Kim Warfield.
  • Left: Kevin Sproule, Mike Zlotnik, Katie Dodd, Alex Pereverzev
  • Right: x, Matt Alcorn, Brian Swenson, Morgan Stefik
  • Center: Third Place trophy and Car of the Millenium trophy