Sandhill Challenge 1998

The Project:
September 1998
'Fearless' Frank Levinson
 Football lineman Mike Houlihan and hockey player Mark Tramiel
John Sproule, Chris Vierra, Jenny Fehl, Micah McElravy, Jamie Schiffer, Chris Kruetzer, Alvin Cheng, and Tamara Allen
Special Thanks:
Brian of Advanced Welding in Mountain View
Matts Lark 
The Story:
With summer coming to a close and the school year upon us, the Auto Tech Gang decided to compete in the Sandhill Challenge for the first time. With only 2 weeks from start to finish, we planned and built it. We entered the High School Speed division. Although we did not win, we had a lot of fun. 

The only reason we did not blow our competition away is the rims that we used were bent and wobbled at speed. The two pushers got us off to a great start. In fact, we were in the lead but the rim deflection caused too much drag and it cost us the race. We plan to do better next year. 

Here are some of the car's features: 

    • Discarded bicycle parts
    • A shopping cart from an unknown source 
    • Red and black spray paint
    • Some homemade decals

Discarded bike parts start to form the vision

The chassis takes shape

Micah and John paint the chassis

Almost ready to race - we need decals!