Mazda RX7 Autocross Car

The Project:
1982 Mazda RX7
Purpose: The purpose of this project was to build a lightweight, good handling car to compete in precision driving events known as "Autocrossing." An Autocross is a driving skill contest using your own car, one at a time, against the clock. Autocross is an opportunity to develop driving skills at a minimum cost. Courses are set up in large paved parking lots and defined by rubber traffic cones. Most courses are between 30 seconds and 2 minutes in length. Most courses are run in second gear at speeds that do not exceed street speeds. Attention to car placement on the course can make the difference between a winning time and a slower one. If a cone is knocked over, a one second penalty is added to your time. Cars are classified by level of preparation. We plan on running our RX7 in a "modified" or "prepared" class due to the engine (larger than original) and modifications we have performed.

We plan to use test equipment (pyrometers, gravity sensors) and will be able to download the results. This will enable us to discuss our findings and make adjustments to improve the handling and performance of the car.

Engine: Mazda 13B 80 cubic inch rotary with bridge ported housings
Carburetor: Stock 4-Barrel
Transmission: Stock Mazda 5 speed
Rear End: 4:44 to 1 gears and positraction
Paint: Red and White by Mountain View Miracle Auto Paint
  • Electronic ignition
  • High rise manifold and exhaust header
  • Aluminum flywheel
  • Adjustable shocks at all 4 corners
  • Camber/caster plates (completely adjustable)
  • Flared fenders
  • Panasport 8x15 inch wheels w/Goodyear-racing tires
  • Front and rear swaybars
  • All mounting bushings are made from special materials
  • Stripped and painted interior with a custom aluminum dash panel
  • Mountain View Firestone
  • Dandos Performance
  • Matts Lark Prototype Machining
  • Service Auto
  • Miracle Auto Paint of Mountain View

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1999 - 2000 School Year - Day 1, needs some work
Gotta love the rotary engine!
Wiring the electronic ignition
More work
A bit of paint, and lot of work later...
All shined up and ready to go

After 5 seasons of competitive racing, 2 top-time-of-days and 2 championships, our RX7 racing engine expired. What you are looking at is copper bearing material residue in the oil pan. A complete engine rebuild is currently underway in the Auto 2 class.