Nova Drag Car

The Project:

1970 Chevy Nova

Build a better than stock performing drag car.
Chevy 383 Small Block
650 cfm Carter
Turbo 350 with Shift Kit and High Stall Converter
Rear End:
4.11 Positraction Ford 9 inch
Probe Red by M2 Collision Center in Mountain View
  • Full Roll Cage
  • Cowl Induction Hood
  • Relocated Battery
  • Adjustable Shocks
  • Traction Bars
  • Burkhart's Final Finish
  • WB Manufacturing
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Other Info:

Okay, what really happened was that two auto shop instructors were sitting around talking one day and thought "Wouldn't it be cool to contest each other?"  Both schools building similar cars, the challenge was on! BEAT PALY!  That was the inspirational force behind "Project Nova."  But we wanted the car to show our craftsmanship as well as mechanical know how.  The results speak for themselves. In fact on July 11, 1998 we won the Service Auto Supply 1st Annual Hot Items Car Show in Palo Alto. 

Our trip to Sears Point Raceway for drag racing

Here the Nova is being prepped for paint at M2 Collision Center.
Here is a look inside. Note the full roll cage.
Andy Craig of Dandos is busy doing roll cage welding in the car.
Mr. C works the throttle as we fire up the small block V8 for the first time.
A look under the hood.
This is the view that most other drivers get.
A nice burn out.
We are proud of our work!
The shiny new fiberglass hood with cowl induction.
The winning car at another show!
Trading Card