Alumni Test Car

The Project:

1984 Mazda RX7
Build a stock car for auto class and alumni interaction. Many of our alumni continue to be involved with Gunn Auto Tech. These alumni visit class and attend extra curricular activities with the current Gunn students. This interaction provides an opportunity for the exchange of ideas concerning college and career opportunities.
70 cubic inch rotary (12A)
stock 4 barrel
stock 5 speed
Rear End:
stock 391 posi
This car was built by Auto I students in the fall of 2001. It was created by merging the best parts from two donated cars. Students learned to realize the need for component compatibility between model years. Example, an engine wiring harness from one year may not work with an engine from a different year. When the car was ready for competition, a last minute engine problem was discovered. Seven alumni showed up and assisted with a 48 hour engine rebuild.
GHSATA - Gunn High School Auto Tech Alumni from the Class of 1999
Other Info:
No NEW parts were used in the building of this car.

photos courtesy of Alvin Cheng, class of 1999