1955 Ford Truck

The Project:

Donated by Scott Fleming. Lots of rust but good potential to build a parts runner vehicle for Mr. C to run around town.

Mild 50's style custom
Ford 390 cu in
Holley Four Barrel
C6 Automatic
Rear End:
Ford 9 inch
Primer with had painted flames
  • Lots of rust!
  • An 80's Ford Torino donates it's rear axle assembly and complete front suspension.
  • Engine swap: pulled the engine out of a mid 70's Ford truck
  • Frame modifications: when the old Ford Torino front end was married to the 55 Ford frame the measurements were off by seven inches. We are going through a reengineering phase to ensure that the new frame fits neatly under the body.

Follow the progress on this project:

Fall 2003: We stripped an 80's Ford Torino Wagon down to the bare chassis. Now the differential and front end will be used under our 50's truck. Pause for a quick group picture then get it into the shop for surgery. Let's get those donor parts off ASAP!

Paul grinds away the old coil spring mounts on the rear axle on the donor assembly.

Now let's take the old rear end out of the truck. Julian, James and Pat start the disassembly.

Removing leaves from the leaf spring assembly to lower the ride height. Ray Fu and two supervisors.
Now go back and find that engine we saved from that 1974 Ford pickup
Zack Nelson scares the engine out with his best scowl.
Scott McGuire pulls while the rest of the crew supervises.
Phase 2 - Start to pull it all together
Going for the "Rat Rod" look with primer and painted wheels.

Fall 2010
Marcus and Jonas prep the old Ford's frame to mate with the new Torino front clip. Lots of measuring and cutting. Then a test fit and more cutting.
Cliff drives out some old unneeded rivets.
Here is the weld that joined the old frame to the new front clip.
Mr. Camicia shows us how to measure and cut the bracket to fit.
New drive shaft and master cylinder installed
Relocated steering column and floor shift
390 Ford engine power
New truck short bed and trailer hitch installed
Model-T trailer gets fenders
All hooked up and waiting for somewhere to tow
Prototyping the paint scheme