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Trophy Case

1919 Model-T Delivery Truck

the Pie Wagon

1988 Ford Mustang GT Track Car

we maintain this racecar for Mrs C

Pizza Planet Delivery Truck

24 Hours of Lemons Racer.

Team Smile and Wave

24 Hours of Lemons Racer.

Ol' 199 Speedster

Building a Second Speedster

This project was inspired by the first speedster, Mr. Camicia wants to build a second car, but this time make it a little more radical. We will be building this car from the ground up. This will be a brass era 1916 model.

67 Cougar

Building a Bud Moore Trans Am Cougar replica.

55 Ford Pickup

We are building this truck to be Mr. Camicia's parts runner. Our goal is to get it running by the end of this school year.

Model-T Speedster #56

This project spans the last six years. Together with the local Model T club we built this traditional 1920's boat tail speedster. We have competed in the past 5 endurance runs hosted by the SCVMTFC.

This fall we spotted Timmy the Titan and Mr. Camicia hanging out at several home football games.

1920 Model-T Depot Hack

This is a car that Mr. & Mrs. Camicia purchased to drive on the weekends with the local Model T club. Because this car is 90 years old it needs a lot of care.

As pictured here, this was the condition of this vehicle when Mr. Camicia purchased it two years ago. Currently we are rebuilding it from the ground up.

BRE 510

1971 Datsun 510 - BRE Replica. The original car was built by Peter Brock for John Morton to compete in the 70's Trans-Am series. This car has won Best Race Car at the All Datsun Meet. You may have seen this car compete at past events like Duel at De Anza.

Nova Drag Car

This was the first project car built by Gunn Auto Tech. Over the past 13 years, each class contributed something. Body work fiberglass, roll cage, engine and suspension work. When we get the chance we would like to take it to Infineon Raceway to compete in the Wednesday Night Drags.

Surf Woody

This project we are building a replica of this one-of-a-kind custom car built in 1965. This project is currently on hold due to lack of funds being allocated to our program from the state.

Mark Donohue Javelin

This 72' Javelin 360 2-barrel with an automatic transmission was donated to the auto shop. The goal is to build a 1971 Mark Donohue Trans-Am Replica. We are getting close to having this ready for Mr. C to drive this

Alumni Test Car

Many of our alumni continue to be involved with Gunn Auto Tech. These alumni visit class and attend extra curricular activities with the current Gunn students. This interaction provides an opportunity for the exchange of ideas concerning college and career opportunities.

Nova Funny Car

Build a mid engine wheel stand exhibition car.

Mazda RX7 Autocross Car

Build a rotary engine autocross car.

Sandhill Challenge





Trans-Am Mustang

We are building a replica of the Jerry Titus 1968 Trans-Am winning Mustang.

Transmission Lab

We learn how a manual transmission works and the tools we need to take it apart and put it back together.

Advanced Transmission Lab

We learn how a Model-T transmission works.